Workshop 5

Fact-checking as a means of addressing misinformation and its role in contemporary journalism

Date: 5 May 2022, 16:00-18:00 (online)
Guest Speakers: Andronikos Koutroumbelis & Stamos Archontis, Fact Checkers at Ellinika Ηoaxes
Trainer: Christiana Varda, Research Associate and PhD Student at the Department of Communication and Internet Studies, Cyprus University of Technology

In this workshop explained what the term fact-checking entails at a practical level, and how a modern fact-checking team operates. Tools used for verifying information were presented, as well as the dangers that emerge from misinformative contexts such as the pandemic, and more recently, the Ukraine war. The speakers also explained how Facebook’s third party fact-checking program (3PFC) operates, and addressed common misconceptions around the role that different groups on social media play (e.g. fact-checkers, journalists, news organizations).